The challenge

Housing shortage and high rents are a big problem for many Holocaust survivors and immigrants in Israel; 80.000 of them even live below the poverty line. Many of them have been on the move for decades because of antisemitism or economical challenges or both.

The solution

Amigour provides apartments at low rents and with care services, as well as social and cultural services in the Amigour senior facilities. The residents should live as independently as possible for as long as possible and enjoy the community and fellowship with others. Since many elderly people in Israel live in miserable conditions, there are long waiting lists for accommodation. Amigour is expanding and planning new projects throughout Israel to offer these people a dignified retirement. See the ‘About Amigour’ below for  more information.

Crowdfunding Campaign

From September 13 to 15, 2020, an online 48-hour crowdfunding donations marathon take place in Switzerland and Europe for Amigour, a wonderful aid project for senior citizens in Israel. Let’s Help Israel’s seniors with Am(ig)our! The goal of the team ‘Freunde Israels’ is CHF 10.000. Everyone can participate and every contribution, every donation, every shared message counts.

The donations will be doubled

And every franc donated is doubled by sponsors, which are churches, companies and other major donors. If you donate CHF 500, CHF 1000 will be credited. Invite your friends, relatives, church members and other contacts to join in. And donate with Amour what your heart gives you!

How do I donate?

On IBAN CH29 0900 0000 8003 0297 4 or PostFinance Postcheck Account 80-30297-4 of Keren Hajessod Switzerland, mention as purpose: “Freunde Israels Amigour”. Or with credit card here.

About Freude Israels / Freunds of Israel

We are an international network of Christians who support Keren Hajessod, Israels national non-political fundraising organization, that works globally with a focus on narrowing the social gap in Israel. It is about projects that serve all ethnic, cultural and religious groups in Israeli society.

About Amigour: retirement homes worth living in

Housing shortages and high rents are a major problem for many senior citizens in Israel, especially Holocaust survivors and immigrants from Russia. Keren Hayesod finances apartments in the Amigour senior citizen facilities at affordable rents and with care services. The residents are to live as independently as possible for as long as possible and enjoy the community with others. Amigour offers a wide range of social and cultural services to improve the quality of life of senior citizens: Hebrew and computer courses, lectures, excursions, theater and choir groups. Many activities are offered in cooperation with schools, soldiers and local volunteer services, and some are initiated by the residents themselves. In this way, the elderly people are part of the community, they are socially integrated and feel valued.

Some examples of leisure activities
(program depends on COVID restrictions)

  • Excursions: Seniors with physical disabilities spend a day at the zoo.
  • Caps for children with cancer: Some seniors organized a handicraft group to knit caps for the little patients of the oncological children’s ward of the Rambam Hospital in Haifa.
  • Fashion show: As an afternoon event some ladies planned a fashion show. They showed their elegant creations on the catwalk, and as mannequins they could be seen.
  • Theater Afternoon: For one afternoon, two prominent actors (Yaakov Bodo and Monika Vardimon) entertained Holocaust survivors with songs and sketches in Yiddish.
  • Shabbat: Every Friday evening, residents and staff teams meet to celebrate Shabbat together.

Information sheet in German