The LIST Marketing Framework

The LIST Marketing Framework addresses how Lean, Insights and Scrum can make your marketing Thrive in today’s Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world. The goal of LIST is creating Customer and Business Value, while being agile, data-driven and people-centric.


LIST helps organizations to agree on a marketing strategy, to write a marketing plan and to start implementing it in a short time frame of preferably 25 days. It uses three building blocks: the ‘Build-Measure-Learn‘ continuous loop from Eric Ries’ well known ‘Lean Startup’ methodology, the Insights-Based Marketing Method and the Scrum Principles of transparency, inspection and adaptation applied to marketing.


LIST ensures companies set and achieve marketing goals that bring growth, that are realistic and that can be measured. LIST organizes the marketing function in an agile way, so that it can respond immediately to changing circumstances and insights. It does so by creating a framework that gets market, customer and business feedback on a daily basis and allows to optimize or change the marketing tactics immediately.


In fact, LIST is more than a framework: it is also a way of working and ultimately a culture. To have maximum success, the LIST Marketing Plan may be preceded by a LIST Marketing Scan of the organization, the team and the employees.  The Motivation, Abilities and Attitude to be Lean, Insight-based and Scrum-driven to make Marketing Thrive, are assessed, including a gap analysis.


The LIST Marketing Framework is derived from international marketing practices in both big corporations and small start-ups. Therefore its methodology is proven and suitable for small, medium and large businesses. LIST helps large organizations become more like start-ups, and start-ups become more like bigger companies, both without losing their specific size advantages.

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