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Marketing Excellence

Born and raised in the Netherlands, my career started with local product marketing roles for large corporations, after which I had the privilege to move to Munich where I was asked to run international marketing teams. After that I relocated to Zurich where I built international sales strategy & planning and global customer insights practises. Since 2016 I have set up and lead several strategic marketing functions and done consulting for SMB’s and start-up’s.

Driven by my passion for Marketing Excellence and commercial effectivness, I love to build, learn, optimize, share and achieve success. In an agile, data-driven, and people-centric way I work tirelessly to create Customer Value and Business Growth. A special focus area is creating value with AI-powered marketing solutions.

Strategy & Implementation

Since my Market Strategy studies at the University of Amsterdam I have been fascinated by the ever present challenge ‘how to make a strategy work’. Crucial is that strategy & implementation go hand in hand and are reviewed ongoingly. This has been ‘foundational’ during my career from working at Fortune 500’s in ICT to SMB’s/start-ups in,a.o. cleantech venture capital, smart buildings, construction tools and systems engineering education. To be able to embed the marketing function into the other business function and to strength my leadership qualities, I recently completed and Executive MBA with honours.

Convinced that optimal teamwork leads to maximum success, I am an advocate of customer centricity and sales & marketing integration, with commercial effectiveness as the condition and the enabler. Besides marketing strategy & management, my expertise includes commercial strategy and positioning, go-to-market model, sales & marketing alignment, tools & training, KPI’s & targeting, performance & productivity.

Two sides of life

I thrive with change as it makes life exciting and offers new opportunities. This explains my passion for high-tech innovation, environmental sustainability, customer & market insights, measurable impact and business growth and more recently, people and organizations. Living in the wealthy west I realize there is another side to change as well for those who cannot benefit from it. Therefore I also write about charity.